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Lista free shell

Il network si basa su link di altri siti, che non sono sotto il controllo di Non siamo responsabili di tali siti, ne dei link che essi riportano e non vi Ŕ alcuna associazioni con tali siti!


Service Server: NetBSD on DEC Alpha 5305, T1
Services: email, pop3, micq, ftp, personal webspace (quota: 20Mb)
http://www.grex.or Server: SunOS, 64k ISDN
Services: email, lynx, personal webspace, compile C programs... (quota: 1Mb) Server: ???
Services: email, ftp, telnet, lynx, personal webspace of 100K Server: FreeBSD
Services: email, pop3, lynx, personal webspace, compile C programs (quota: 500kb) Server: Linux
Services: mail, pop3, lynx, ssh, irc,BitchX,ftp,web space, telnet,gcc and perl (quota:10MB) Server: ???
Services:email,pop3,ssh,irc,ftp,web space (quota: 1Mb) Server: Linux
Services: pop3/web email, webspace, the complete set of UNIX/Gnu tools, quota: 2M Server: Linux
Services: email, pop3, micq, ftp, personal webspace with cgi, ssi, eggdrop (quota: 10Mb) Server: Linux
Services: Email, Webspace, subdomain if requested, web-based MessageBoard... (quota: 20Mb) Server: Linux, FreeBSD, VAX (OpenVMS operating system)
Services: Email, pop3, irc, ftp, eggdrop... cool place on different operating systems! Server: Linux
Services: Homepage with PHP4, CGI-BIN, MySQL, mail (Pop3/SMTP), 1 BG process, e.g : Bot, BitchX epic etc.. NO psyBNC's! Access to IPv6 Vhosts... (quota: 5Mb Server: Linux
Services: telnet, rlogin, finger, whois, lynx, ssh, ftp, irc, C, C++, Perl (quota: 10 Mb) Server: OpenVMS
Services: Free, but only a limited number of accounts will be granted. Standard access via Telnet or SSH. Mail handling via VMS MAIL or POP3/SMTP. Web space with scripting support. Access to Perl and C for programming. Server: Linux
Services: pop3,pop2,imap,smtp,ftp,irc,mail,mail->SMS,compiliers, NO quota for now.. Server: Linux
Services: Access via ssh, scp, ftp, pop3; basic and full shell access, domain hosting and/or seconding, mailing lists. Free Shell accounts (ssh)
Free Email addresses (POP3/IMAPS) - webmail,mailing lists
Programing languages (C,C++,Perl,Python ...)
Web hosting with php4 mysql & postgresql, FTP
Domain hosting
Domain registration
Primary et secondary name servers Connection: 56kbps dial up on 24 hours, 7 days a week
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0; Linux 2.4.17
Services: email (IMAP & SMTP & webmail), web space, ftp
space, full set of standard Unix utilities, web access, bash
shell. Access via SSHv2 or FTP All signups are verified for authenticity and then the accounts are added. Generally an average signup will be completed within 10 min but can take up to 24 hours. Server: Free/OpenBSD
Services: Email Address (Mail, Pine and Mutt are installed), Virtual Webspace (http://site/~yourusername), IRC facilities, No Background Processes (Other than a single BitchX screen), 10MB Disk Quota Server: OpenVMS on VAX/Alpha
Services: IRC usage is allowed but no bots/relays/etc. Server: Debian Linux 3.0 on Pentium III 550 Mhz, Connection: DSL (1,5 Mkbit / 192kbit) / VaxStation running OpenVMS
Services: Un-restricted shell access, gcc, screen, mc, mutt, BitchX, Web Hosting, Background Processes, no general home-dir quota; But file-size is restricted to 12 MB max, one MySQL db per default and a VaxStation to the LAN for OpenVMS experience to the users :) Server: SunOS, Linux, IRIX
Services: email, web space... Server: FreeBSD
Services: Telnet/SSH/FTP access to the server, Online user control panel, E-mail account (Accessable via Shell/POP3/IMAP & WebMail), CGI-BIN/Perl/Python Scripting, PHP Scripting, 1 MySQL Database (available on request), BitchX, Local IRC server... (quota: 10Mb) Server: ???
Services: ??? Server: Debian Linux
Services: Login Method: SSH only, Connection: dsl, IRC Access, Background Proccesses Allowed. E-mail to get an account. Users have access to a browser (links), scanners (nmap and whisker), netcat, compilers (gcc/g++, perl, tcl, brainfuck), BitchX, and more. Server: Linux
Services: email, homepage, complete access to GNU tools, IRC is not allowed, No bots, no bouncers or proxes, only SSH connections. Server: Mandrake 9.1 on dual PII 266 with 384 megs of ram
Services: BitchX, Lynx, Eggdrop, Bnc. Donations Welcome. Subscribe by applying online at WWW. 2 process limit, quota: 50Mb Server: Linux
Services: IPv6, PHP, MySQL, personal subdomain, gcc, IRC access with eggdrop, BitchX, e-mech, one background processes allowed (quota: 10Mb) Server: FreeBSD
Services: ??? Server: OpenBSD
Services/Info: SSH, POP3, Webmail, FTP, PHP, PostGreSQL (NO MySQL), IRC. NO PSYBNC/EGGDROP/MECH until 1-2 months of good behavior, decent amount of activity, and community support. Used to be and (25Mb Space & 25Mb Mail to start with) Server: ???
Services/Info: No irc, Quota: 6Mb (shared between mail and web) Server: Linux
Services/Info: Webmail, MySQL, PHP, 1 eggdrop... (quota: 10 Mb) Server: Mandrake Linux
Services/Info: ??? Server: OpenBSD
Services/Info: www hosting, shell, irc, mail, (50MB for your home and 50MB for your website). No EGGDROP/BNC! Server: FreeBSD
Services/Info: mail, webspace, perl... (quota 12Mb) Server: FreeBSD 4.7-patch23, 2Mb line
Services/Info: Shell Access for educational compiler purpose gcc or perl, Free email, unlimited email quota Server: FreeBSD
Services/Info: Offers free ipv6 shells running on FreeBSD systems. Up to max 4 bg procs and 50mb hard drive space. Eggdrop and bnc, no shoutcasts or ircds. Irc is ipv6 only. Server: Linux
Services/Info: SSH connection to a Linux host, an e-mail address (pop3 or webmail), 3 Mbytes of disk quota, a homepage like Server: Linux
Services/Info: A small dev orientated shell host. Server: Linux/RedHat, Linux/Debian, OpenVMS/Alpha, OpenVMS/VAX, Solaris, Ultrix, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, HPUX, AIX
Services/Info: is non commercial, educative effort for popularization of shell enabled operating systems and Internet services, offering shell accounts and other services on all available systems. Server: Linux/Debian
Services/Info: Mail, gcc, perl, php, eggdrop... Server: Linux
Services/Info: ??? Server: FreeBSD 4.8
Cube2 Shell Services is a free shell service (FSS) for Finnish people. Irc with 1 backround process (access example to IrcNet and EfNet), pre installed psybnc, bitchx, irssi, adom, nethack, crontab, FTP support, no quota limit (but about 10Mb allowed). Homepage space (.htaccess, php 4, mysql), mail account with (pop3 support, webmail, 5 mail aliases) Server: FreeBSD 4.8
Services/Info: standard utills local user chats threw party and bulltin board system. Server: FreeBSD 4.8
Services/Info: 50MB storage space, http access (, ftp access, ssh, telnet, and communication programs such as IRC, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Lily, and email. Server: Freebsd 4.9 on a Quad 2.4 Xeon with 4 gigs of ram
Services/Info: About anything goes except for DoS, BNCs and IRC bots. Server: Multiple servers
Services/Info: Multiple servers on different connections in different countries etc, varying range of *nix based systems. Visit irc channel #resync Server:
Services/Info: SSH access, access to all of the common Unix commands, Web-space, E-mail, IRC access via the BitchX IRC client, One background process - not CPU-intensive, 10MB disk space. Server: OpenBSD 3.2
Services/Info: project phynix is a free unix-shells service. the goal purpose of the project is providing an educational environment for 'unix-newbies'. local bin's: perl5, php4.3.0, GNU bash2.05b, GNU fileutils... Server: linux
Services/Info: public_html, php,cgi-bin on request, 3bg procesess, 50mb space , eggdrop allowed, access to compilers , bitchx, ftp , ssh access, and a lot of more... Server: linux
Services/Info: Anonymous surfing, IRC, Webhosting (CGI. PHP, PERL), 2 background processes, quota: 15Mb Server: FreeBSD
Services/Info: Free Email - 5mb space, 2 processes / 1 IRC-connection, Free Web-Space - 50mb space, PHP & MySQL supports. Compilers, ssh and telnet has been disabled. BNCs are forbidden. Server: Slackware Linux 9.1, PII-300, 160mb.
Services/Info: pop3, smtp/spamassasin/fetchmail, ssh2 only, irc/bitchx/eggdrop... Server: Linux
Services/Info: French free shell server...


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